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Increased Profitability​

Consistent Business Results


Fulfilled and Engaged Associates



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We Get There By Focusing On

Working On Your Business

- Building Dynamic and Cohesive Teams​

- Business Analysis and Planning for Success​

- Setting Up Key Routines for Managers​

- Structuring/Scaling for Success​

- Systems and Business Prioritization

Working In Your Business

- Strengthening Business Relationships​

- Building Rapport With Your Team​

- Leadership Skill Training​

- Communication Strategies and Skills​


What Robin Can Bring

Coaching is releasing a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.

1:1 Coaching

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Business Consulting


Team Leadership Coaching


Individual and 360 Feedback Assessments

Robin is available to advise on the overall health of your business, work closely with the business owner or leaders and create a plan for success. Areas of expertise are process improvement, KPI and performance management and metrics, capacity planning, FP&A, employee engagement and succession planning, team dynamics and team building. Packages will vary based on business need and can easily be customized to include team or individual coaching as needed.

Let’s dive in and uncover the opportunities that are holding you back! Or perhaps you have a strong sense of what results you are looking for and just not sure what steps to get there. Let’s build a plan so that you can achieve sustained positive growth and reach your goals! We might even discover some things you hadn’t even thought of! Business results and growth are highly correlated to the performance and leadership style and connectivity. Let’s work together so that we can maximize the potential! These sessions can be virtual or in person (if distance allows) and frequency can be customized based on client and business needs.

Do you have a group of newer leaders that could benefit from management and leadership skills training? Have you had organizational changes and a new leadership team has formed and you want to start the team dynamic on the right foot? Does your team need a reset and a little re-invigoration to generate some excitement? Then this is the solution for you. Bringing the entire team together for small concentrated lessons gets the whole team on the same page and working on the same concepts and action items to receive maximum cultural and business growth. Half-day sessions of learning and interaction are available for team coaching. Additional team or individual coaching is also available for continued growth and progress.

How well do you know your strengths and opportunities? Would you operate differently or seek out resources if you knew that you/your team would benefit from your personal growth? Do you wonder how you are viewed by your team/superiors/peers? The Emotional Capital report and 360 review products will help you achieve this and understand where you are able to have the biggest positive impact and where you could benefit by investing in yourself. The impact you have in the workplace, on your associates, and on the bottom line as a leader or owner is critical to your success.

Get to Know Robin

I'm so happy to meet you! A little about me....​

After 26 years of working in corporate roles, I decided to pursue my passion of helping people in their pursuit of success and growth and became an Executive Business coach...

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